The Innovative Science of Class IV Laser Therapy

Why Do We Recommend Class IV Laser Therapy?

In its simplest terms, Class IV Laser Therapy generates photochemical responses at the cellular level which increase circulation and cellular energy production while reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

Class IV Laser Therapy also increases the rate and quality of tissue repair, improves muscle performance, enhances recovery and alleviates pain.

Aspen Laser’s Summit and Pinnacle Laser Series, as their names aptly imply, represent the height of today’s laser therapy standards.

Backed by years of research and development, these groundbreaking systems use a simple hand piece to deliver Class IV Laser Therapy in a localized, region-specific manner. This allows for a more focused approach to treating specific areas of the body.

As the science and technology behind laser therapy has rapidly advanced over recent years, so has the role of Class IV Laser Therapy as an effective and non-invasive mode of therapy.

Quickly becoming a routine adjunct to countless treatment regimens, Class IV Laser Therapy is reshaping healthcare by improving clinical outcomes and facilitating the healing process.

Conditions Treated With Class IV Therapy:


Conditions Treated For The Back


Back Pain

Disc Herniations


Muscle Spasm

Back Injuries


Conditions Treated for the Feet


Plantar Fasciitis (Heel)



Strains & Sprains

Repetitive Injuries


Conditions Treated For The Neck:


Muscle Spasms

Nerve Pain


Arthritis & Pain


Other Conditions Treated:


Hip & Shoulder

Post-Operative Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Wrist)

Repetitive Injuries

TMJ Syndrome (Jaw)